How to Apply the Skinny Wrap (That Crazy Wrap Thing) & Facial

What to Expect with That Crazy Wrap Thing
Before wrapping, we suggest you take a look at our What to Expect with Ultimate  Body Applicator.

Have you tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?® Whether you’re still thinking about wrapping or you’re wrapping right now, take wrapping to a Whole ‘Notha Level with the It Works! WRAP APP! See visible results with your own Before & After pictures. Easily share your results across social media. Get reminders, fun facts, and video tips on how you can experience “wraptastic” results.


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by maizidog
This app is amazing! If I get busy after I get my wrap on and forget to drink your water, it reminds me! And it also sends me reminders over the next 72 hours! The short product videos are pretty cool too!

Wrapping 101

Wrapping at home is simple and easy. When your package comes, take a couple of minutes to read the material and be sure to take photos (BEFORE & AFTER).

Remember, you should use one body wrap at one time. You need to wait at least 72 hours to wrap again in that same place–let your body detox!

Drink LOTS of water (more than you are used to drinking) to help your body detoxify.

Steps for Wrapping:

1. Take the wrap of the package

2. Place it where you want

3. Hold in place with inexpensive plastic wrap or spandex

Use inexpensive plastic wrap to hold the applicator in place–it has no bearing on the formula; or a spandex top or shorts may be used, depending on the area to be applied.

WrapPlacementsThis is not a “get skinny quick” program for any area of the body, but a process of detoxifying the fat cells so results for one time or a series of applications will depend on your toxic level and the way your skin absorbs the formula.

“Do not exercise when the wraps are on. You do not want to have sweat become a barrier to absorption of the product. After removing the wrap, massage the formula into the skin and if you feel a lot of formula there on the skin, put the wrap back on for more time until it has fully absorbed. Exercising before or after is fine. Minimum amount of time to wear the wrap is 45 minutes–maximum is until the formula has been absorbed.

The Ultimate Body Applicator can be cut in two to do backs of arms, “love handles”, inner thighs–wherever. Some people cut it to work on specific scars or stretchmarks as well.

Defining GelFacial Applicators

The facial formula is made specifically for the face.  It is not recommended to use the Ultimate Body Applicator on the face. Apply facial applicators for 45 minutes or until absorbed to clean dry skin to tighten, tone, firm and hydrate the skin.

Follow Up:  For best results follow body/face applicator with Defining Gel for continued tightening, toning, firming, hydrating without the detoxifying agents. Defining Gel can be used at any time on the whole body.



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