7 Day Fitstart with Carla Burns

Copied from the It Works Global Fit Coach’s website (http://fitcoachcarla.wordsandwriters.com/7-day-fitstart/)

Chapter 5: 7 Day Slimdown

Are you ready to start turning your body into a fat burning machine? These first seven days are a stepping stone to enforce all you have learned.  You can do this!

It’s very important to understand that these first 7 days are a learning process, NOT A DIET. You will not only be reprogramming your body, you will be transforming your mind. As each day passes you will start to feel more energy and feel confident that you are making smart choices improving your health and begin to shatter the limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving your goals. Your friends will begin to ask you what’s different and you will have opportunities to share testimonies in the FITworks Community forum. Make no mistake the next 7 Days will to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest time possible. I will be here to help as well as many others just like you that are tired of the weight loss game and ready for REAL RESULTS!  Here you will get weekly tips and motivation as well as new recipes to try each week. You can even send me YOUR favorites and I will make them “ FIT” for you. Then stay connected with our blog and chat room where you can chat with others on the same journey sharing experiences along the way. The Fitworks Community is also a great place to learn valuable tips from Dr. Don Verhulst,Chief Medical consultant for Itworks Global.  This valuable information will include the benefits of many incredible products ITworks Global offers and I highly recommend as part of your life long mission for nutrition.

The reason I have found the Fitworks Meal plan so effective is because in order to lose and maintain weight your body needs the right fuel at the right time. It starts with foods that are high-quality and nutrient rich. Unfortunately many of you are not getting good quality protein, carbs, essential fats, fiber, water and vitamins and minerals in your daily meals. The good news is, I have formulated for ITworks Global two products that can help you save time and money without sacrificing quality. These two products are a key part of the program and include Ultimate ProFit and the ItsEssential weightloss bar.

Ultimate ProFit is a high quality complete superior blend of protein source with added fiber and super foods. The advantage of a shake is the scientific safe approach to ensure you are getting what you need in a meal with the added benefit of ease , affordability and most important smooth great taste! The 7 day Slimdown calls for 2 shakes per day followed by 1-2 shakes per day for maintenance. When I was developing the Ultimate ProFit shake for ITworks Global I had in mind superior quality product at an affordable price. A product that would “fit” into the Fitworks Meal plan and complement the Itworks Global philosophy of high quality, unique products at an affordable price. I was able to accomplish this by including ingredients high in antioxidants, like dark cacoa and maca. Along with a proprietary blend of super foods called Fitboost. If you have tried a weight loss program in the past you may have been left feeling unsatisfied and hungry. Ultimate Profit will keep you feeling fuller longer with a unique blend of seven different soluble fibers. Using a shake as a supplement is effective when beginning this lifestyle change because it allows you concentrated nutrition with a reduction in calories and cost. You will be happy to know I also avoided artificial sweeteners and chose the natural sweetener stevia which gives Ultimate Profit its clean rich creamy flavor with no after taste. My entire family enjoys a shake each morning as part of our daily routine, I hope you make it part of yours.

If you are anything like me , busy Mom, working, juggling kids, driving here and there …you need nutrition to go! This is why I developed the ItsEssential weight loss bar for Itworks global. Once again I was looking for just the right combination I could throw in my purse or gym bag that would give me optimum nutrition,  taste good , convenience and affordability. I chose only the highest quality, nutrient dense ingredients such as quinoa, coconut oil, goji berries, dark cocoa nibs and fiber to fill you up not out! Of course, I kept my same philosophy and avoided artificial sweeteners. My entire family loves the Its Essential bar. It’s actually the first product I developed for Itworks global. The story literally began in my kitchen as I created a special bar for my husband to take in his lunch. He had gained over 100 pounds during our 15 year marriage and need a healthy alternative that could address his weight increase and accompanying weight related health issues. With the ItsEssential, as it is known today, and following the same program you now hold in your hand, he was able to lose those 100 pounds and maintains it still today. These two products partnered with  ITworks Global advanced nutrition and first to market cosmetic system  have helped  hundreds of thousands globally.  I don’t go a day without the entire product line  After the first 7 days you will learn how and when to substitute meals and what works best for your body and budget. You will have the opportunity to experience all of the incredible products Itworks Global offers as you continue towards a healthier YOU!

Now … give yourself permission to look and feel sexy! YES! It,s OK.


I am confident after following the 7 Day Slimdown you now have a good understanding of how training your body to work with you instead of against you will help you achieve long term results. You have learned how food affects your mood and your limiting beliefs can determine your weight. I hope you have been keeping a journal to help you recognize these patterns and work on shattering these limiting beliefs. Most of all I hope you have learned that food is your friend not your foe. My desire for you is that you will continue to learn to love food as you prepare the delicious recipes I have included . I encourage you to use this book to help and coach you on this journey towards the FITlife.  My mission is accomplished. The rest is up to YOU!


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