Take a Deep Breath–It’s Healthy!

December 31, 2010 — repost from DrDonMD.com

deep_breathDo you know what’s just as important to your health as eating good foods, drinking pure water and exercise? Breathing fresh air. Now that winter is upon us, it’s not always so easy to get outside and breathe fresh air. I still recommend that you try! However, if you are spending more time indoors than out, then take time to practice deep breathing.

Every cell in your body requires oxygen every second of the day. Oxygen is your cells’ number one nutrient. Proper oxygen delivery to every cell of your body is absolutely essential, which makes all body functions breathing related. Some experts believe oxygen deficiency is the single greatest cause of all disease. Deep breathing:

  • Provides your cells with the oxygen they require to function well and stay healthy.
  • Helps pulls the lymphatic fluid throughout your immune system. Cancer, infection, and diseases of every sort hate oxygen, so fight them off by taking a deep breath of fresh air.
  • Enhances detoxification by increasing your body’s rate of toxic elimination by as much as fifteen times the normal rate.
  • Combats stress. Try this: Breathe in for four seconds, and then hold it for four seconds. Breathe out slowly. You just relieved stress. You can do that anytime, anywhere.

Breathing fresh air leaves no room for smoking. If you’re a smoker, did you know that in just two years from the time you stop smoking, 80 percent of the negative changes in your lungs will disappear? And further down the road, almost all of smoking’s negative effects on your respiratory system will be gone. You can quit for about 79 cents. Buy a little squeeze bottle of lemon juice at the grocery store. Each and every time you crave a cigarette, put that little bottle in your mouth and give it a good squeeze. The shock will “reset” your system—literally. As your taste buds react to the lemon juice, you’ll forget all about your nicotine urge. It will also provide some negative conditioning. Kicking the nicotine habit will save you money and save your health, not to mention the health of those around you. Don’t miss a day of taking your It Works Greens. Greens helps keep your body alkaline and an alkalized body increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. The result is greater oxygenation of your entire body for a healthier you. Breathe deep and oxygenate!


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