“We Run on Greens!”

greens-orangeLast week (Thursday), we took an unscheduled trip to Terrell, Texas for the death of a family member.  While there, we received word that another family member in Washington, DC passed away.  Both the going and return trips to Terrell, Texas were not fun and games with a three and a two year old.  However, we made the trip without any support from the famous energy drinks.  It took us 14 hours for the return trip (just over 800 miles) that included a 1.5 hour dinner break.

Our daily intake of our Greens which is an all natural collection of 38+ superfoods that give you energy and nutrition kept us focused and alert while driving.  The Greens doesn’t give you the shakes or that “crash” that you get from the famous energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine.  Greens is available in Orange and Berry flavors with different sizes that are sure to fit into any lifestyle.  Get yours today!

We will be traveling to Washington, DC next and will sure to have a similar experience because

We Run on Greens!


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