My 2014 New Year’s Goals

2014GoalsHappy New Year!

I wanted to take the time to share my goals for the new year so that you might be inspired to set goals yourself and take the necessary steps to make progress towards accomplishing them.  I will focus more on my health goals since this site is about being healthy today, but will include some others too.

2014 Goals

  • Live healthier and lose 15 pounds by March 31
  • Restart TaeKwonDo classes
  • Cut debt by 50%
  • Become a better leader (work and family)
  • Adding the Platinum Rule to my primary core values
  • Redream when these have been accomplished

For my first goal, “Live healthier and lose 15 pounds by March 31,” I will start on January 6 with a before photo and take a weekly photo to demonstrate my progress.  I will be using this simple plan for my transformation:

See our product page for product details!

If you are interested in participating in a transformation plan, check out the options available here on our sitee.

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