👀 My First Time Doing a Cleanse 🌟

IW System Cleanser 4

This was my first time doing a cleanse in which I scheduled over the weekend.  I’ve heard about them for some time now and was too afraid to try it because of the side effects that included the need to stay close to a toilet. 😜

My friend, Lori Murphy, tried the It Works Cleanse before it was available to everyone and had a great experience.  She even started the two day/four bottle process right before a flight one morning and then just before a business dinner with clients later the same night.  Her story left me wanting to try it even more because there were no side effects.

I started my own Cleanse process on Saturday morning right before breakfast.  I took my second dose before dinner on Saturday night, before breakfast on Sunday morning, and then my final dose on Sunday night.  Although I remembered my friend Lori’s story, I was still a little hesitant to leave the house.  LOL!  I carried on with my day for the entire 48 hour period and never missed a beat.  What’s even more impressive is that I didn’t have any urges to visit the bathroom.  On Sunday, I was feeling exceptionally great.  I just felt healthier.  Check out the details behind this “White Pants Approved” Cleanse here.

I documented my process via Facebook Live videos.

Day 1 with Cleanse Bottle #1 of 4

Day 1 with Cleanse Bottle #2 of 4

Day 2 with Cleanse Bottle #3 of 4

Day 2 with Cleanse Bottle #4 of 4

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