🙀Can’t Believe It! 14 Pounds Down After 5 Weeks 🎯💪

I love routines and had been working out consistently for the last 18 to 20 months.  I was happy with the results that I was seeing with my body and was a little apprehensive to change up my routine. My routine included working out, but also being intentional about consuming the right amount of water on a daily basis.  I even tracked my water intake using my Apple Watch.  If you are unsure about the amount of water to drink on a daily basis, take look our water calculator here on our website.

Starting in early October of 2017, I decided to give the new It Works #KetoCoffee a try. ️ I was a little skeptical because I liked my routine and wasn’t familiar with the Keto Diet.  However, I was recently told by one of my employees that he lost 35+ pounds on the keto diet and I decided to give it a try and waited to see if I had results.

Taking the advice of Dr. Don Verhulst, I consumed #KetoCoffee first thing in the morning during week 1 by continuing my fast from the last eight hours (sleep) until lunch. I continued my #LunchBreakWorkout routine and had another serving of #KetoCoffee but I mixed it with my It Works greens and plant-based protein shake.  For dinner, I ate a normal meal.  I did this for the entire week and saw 6 pounds fall off within 7 days.

I was intrigued even further by this point and decided to continue for another week following the same routine.  At the end of week 2, I lost another 2 pounds and my belief was growing, but keep in mind that my goal wasn’t to lose weight.  I just wanted to try the product and see if I got results.  I tracked pounds lost because that’s what people relate to best.

Since I was now at 8 pounds lost, my wife and I decided to switch up our diet towards the Keto Diet.  Starting with week 3, I only consumed the #KetoCoffee in the morning, but ate Keto friendly foods for lunch and for dinner over the course of the next 3 weeks.  At the end of week 5, I was at 14 pounds lost and it was noticed.  This has been awesome because I just simply feel so much better.   The science behind the Keto Diet makes sense and we will explore it more over the coming months.

I continue to drink the #KetoCoffee for breakfast and eat Keto friendly snacks and food for lunch and dinner.  We both have made significant improvements in our health and we are excited to see where our journey will be over the next several months.  We intend to blog and vlog more about our experience.  so, check back often.  We hope that this will encourage you to take steps towards improving your health.

#Keto #Greens #CleanProtein #Vegan #NonGMO #DairyFree #SoyFree


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