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So, do you want to begin your Man Dare journey? But where do you start? How to start social sharing? This article aims to explain these questions and give you some insights on how to share even better.

Get ready to start your Man Dare journey! To help you deal with everything, we have selected 7 tips to understand it better and get off to a great start!

1 – Join the Man Dare

It’s very easy to join the Man Dare team! We are here to help you get started.

2 – Getting to know Man Dare: Select your product stack

Having a look at the Man Dare website and choosing a product stack you want to use is the next step to start social sharing with Man Dare. Moreover, using what you share with others is essential to share the product well, give better tips to your clients and, mainly, to become a real member of the team. On the product page, you can decide to become a team member for Man Dare!

Each stack has its own unique properties and meaning. The Man is for men who need extra power in their day to day lives, who need that extra push to be who they want to be. If The Man is not enough for you, there is The Myth!

The Myth stack doesn’t settle, it aims to push you to the next level to become who you want to be and maintain that epic lifestyle. If you need a big push in your life and really break your barriers the Myth is for you, but if you need something even stronger there is…The Legend!

The Legend is the ultimate stack for men who want to reach extreme levels that only a few have ever reached. It’s the largest stack Man Dare has to offer and it has the most complete dosage of our high-grade supplements. Don’t think you have it in you? Of course you do! Be the Legend you want to be, be the Legend you CAN BE.

3- Join the Dare of the Week

After signing in, you should join the Dare of the Week:  weekly dares presented in the Man Up Monday Facebook Live event to elevate your Man Dare experience to an entirely different level. The Man Dares will help you become a legendary father, husband, friend and overall LEGEND. Think you have it in you? Tune in every Monday after our launch on July 10 and become a Man Legend!

4- Be a Legend

If you accept the Dares and are always up-to-date about the tips we are giving through our articles and other posts, you’ll have an impressive basis to become a true Legend, you just need to put everything into practice. Show your value and act!

Become the man every child looks up to, become that epic husband every woman would love, become that remarkable friend everyone wants around. Don’t just say it. Do it!

5- Tell your friends and family about it

Follow the Manifesto and man up! When you’re an example then Social sharing is easy.  Try to focus on people that may have the same difficulties as you and tell them about the product you’ve found and the result you are getting.  A good strategy is to interact with people like you who have similar difficulties in their life. Share you Man Dare URL with them and show them the videos so they can learn what it’s all about!

6- Promote using your social networks, especially on Facebook

Yes, it’s possible to share Man Dare products to people from other cities or even from other countries. The secret: Social networks!

Promote your product on your social networks, especially on Facebook, which is the most popular. Facebook resembles a friend’s party. Everyone is there talking, telling jokes, laughing, talking about family, work, children. You, with your personal profile or fan page, are participating in this party. But you don’t want to be the annoying person who goes to the party only to talk about their work, right? The more boring and salesy your posts are, the less people will like them.

So, you don’t want to be talking about business all the time, otherwise people will run from you.  But we are sure your friends would like, for example, some of your tips on how to look better only combining a specific diet with simple localized exercises at home, or how to be a healthy husband even while having little time to work out.

7- Meet new people and involve them with the Man Dare team

Growing your network outside of your close family and  friends gets a bit more complicated, as you’ll need to start meeting new people. A good opportunity to do that is taking part in social events related to Man Dare. Networking is indispensable to make that initial contact and start meeting different people. The more you practice, the more you’ll see it getting easier to meet new people and convince them to be a Legend just like you!

Do you want to know more about networking? Check back soon for more tips!

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