Product Relevance

The following table provides the products that we recommend for the respective need/want/desire.

All-natural ingredients.  The best of science with the best of nature.  It is the art of formulation, how the ingredients are specifically put together, that makes these products effective.  – Don Verhulst, M.D.

Do You Have…


Chronic Pain? Relief
Acid Reflux or Allergies? Greens
IBS or Irregularity? Regular
Addictions & Cravings? It’s Vital Complete Nutrition
Mental, Physical or Emotional Stress? Confianza
Hot Flashes? Estro-Rythmn
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Fat Fighters

Want to…


Stop cravings and gain energy? Greens
Have more energy? #Energy
Improve Memory & Sleep Better? New You 3.0
Lose weight On the Go? Ultimate ProFIT
Burn Calories & Lose Weight? ThermoFight
Have all of your daily needs in 1? It’s Vital Complete Nutrition
Diminish the appearance of Stretch Marks and other skin marks? Defining Gel
Get 8 servings of fruits and vegetables? Greens
Tighten, Tone and Firm? Ultimate Body Applicator
Grow your hair or improve the look of your skin & nails? Hair Skin Nails
BOOM with energy? It Works Essential Oils
CHILL and relax? It Works Essential Oils
DEFEND off flu, colds, germs, etc? It Works Essential Oils
CLEAR your mind and focus? It Works Essential Oils


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