Salons Owners, Partners & Team Members

Add Extra Income with It Works Facials & Body Wraps.  Requires no training & no equipment.  It’s easy to apply a 45 minute treatment and has a minimal investment with high profits.  Set your salon apart from all the rest with these one of a kind, exclusive products.

We have three simple Steps to Success:

Slide5Step 1: Join The Party

  • Pay the promotional $99 fee which includes a box of the Skinny Wraps
  • Setup your auto-ship of 80 BV or more
  • Purchase an optional Booster Kit or Mini-Boost Kit to maximize your profits
  • Why Join Our Team?

Step 2: Wrap Rewards

  •  Requirement: Get 4 Loyal Customers within 30 days, It Works Global will give you 2 Wrap Rewards (1 reward = 1 box of skinny wraps for $25) and $120 in product credit

Slide6Step 3: Go Ruby

  • Requirement: Teach 3 other people to do Step 1 and Step 2 within your first 60 days, you will earn a $500 bonus in addition to your commissions.

Check out the video below for more information about our business opportunity that is changing lives daily.

See the different ways of making money with It Works Global on our frequently asked questions page!

See the business opportunity in spanish here.


Don’t want to be a distributor, but want to use the products?

Downloads in PDF Format


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