For Ambassador Diamond Barbara Boser, it’s setting achievable goals and going for the “big points!”

“I looked at who in my downline was closest to going Ruby right now, who still needs one or two people to have four Loyal Customers because that’s the most points.” Then she’s sure to reinforce that advice to her team, asking “‘How are we going to get you to Ruby?’ ‘How are we going to get your new DTs their four Loyals?’ It’s goal setting and getting the big points, the bulk points.”

On a recent team call, she shared an “aha” moment she experienced at last month’s Green Carpet: “We have 28 new Ambassadors and a lot of them have been in the company for less than two years! It provides vision of what an amazing opportunity they have in front of them.”

Barbara Boser

When it comes to the It Works! Cruise, the “amazing opportunity” is that any team member at any rank can qualify for a spot. “I think we’re going to have people who just came out of nowhere!”

Even though she knows her spot isn’t locked in yet, (“A lot could happen over the next three weeks. You can’t get comfortable now!”) Barbara can already visualize what the first ever It Works! Cruise will be like: “That moment with the music playing. Just the smiles and the laughs, that energy as we sail off!”

That emotional experience is what she’s looking forward to most, “that, and seeing what my cabin looks like!”

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