Want to experience success in your business? Presidential Diamond Carrie Bauer knows it all starts with your training. So she challenges all her new team members to complete their It Works! U training in their first 48 hours as a new Distributor.

“And then once they finish that, I add them to our Facebook team page, and set them up with a sample Facebook or Instagram post,” she says, “getting them going” even before their Business Builder Kit arrives. “I challenge them. If you can get your first four Loyal Customers even before your kit comes, that’s pretty awesome! It gives them their first win!”

Carrie and her team saw that training pay off this summer as they worked for their spot on the It Works! Cruise. It’s a “game changer because it’s possible for anybody!” she says of the It Works! Cruise. “My team saw that, ‘Wow, I can do this!’”

Staying true to the “get them going” approach, Carrie and her team broke down the big goal of being on the It Works! Cruise into “smaller actionable goals.”

Carrie Bauer

“Sometimes we focus on these big goals, but if you don’t break down those goals into smaller actions, you’re not going to get there.”

Now that Carrie and many of her team members know they’ll be aboard the It Works! Cruise, they’re in full planning mode, complete with a Facebook page and group challenge because “Everybody wants to look good for the Cruise!” she says. “They’re pumped up! And I’m excited, I’m more excited for my team!”

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