Chad and Elizabeth Vaughan are a new full-time family #CaughtInTheAdventure!

When the Vaughans started as It Works! Distributors, they thought they would “make a few hundred dollars each month” but Chad “couldn’t believe that real people could replace real income with at home businesses!” He soon “was caught in the vision. I started to see real people, people that I know change their lives! If they could do it, why couldn’t we?”

The Vaughan family has worked hard in their It Works! business and Elizabeth was able to retire and be a stay-at-home mother. They doubled her income, then tripled it, and within the year “we were bringing home an average salary that could replace both of our salaries with some to spare.”

Chad and Elizabeth Vaughan


They reached Triple Diamond status and Chad resigned from his full-time job. “We did it!” Chad says. They are now officially a full-time family “waking up 100% in control of our time with FREEDOM-freedom to travel, to adventure, to sleep in, to take a day off whenever we want, freedom to own our time. Freedom…and the incredible blessing to help other people do the same.”

This is what the Vaughans had dreamed of and “before It Works! we didn’t know how to dream. It’s exciting to dream up larger than life dreams and make them come true!”

Congratulations to the Vaughan family for crossing off their Dream Board dreams!

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