When Eliana Vargas saw Facebook friends posting about That Crazy Wrap Thing, she knew she wanted to give it a try. Having gained a little weight, she jumped in, experiencing “pretty crazy results from just two Wraps! I loved the products automatically, and started telling people. That’s how it all started!”

Then, in January of this year, Eliana decided to “let go of everything.” In her job as a timeshare sales agent, she made good money, and was “really good at it” but it was stressful with no set schedule that often resulted in a 12-hour workday. “I had the money but I didn’t have time to spend it or go on vacation,” she says. “I had a great job but that routine started getting to me, so I decided I wanted freedom.”

Later that month, Eliana attended a One Team One Mission-the first It Works! event she had ever been to, and it was life changing. “I always had this wall about being a leader, but I decided to go Diamond. I walked into the event as a Distributor and went Double Diamond two months afterwards!”

Eliana’s hard work has paid off. “My biggest accomplishment has been being able to retire my mom-and she’s almost a Double Diamond herself! Once she went Diamond, I said ‘quit your job, because you’re going to be with me!’”

Looking back, Eliana doesn’t regret those early sacrifices for a minute! “With making that decision and going full force, I’ve just become unstoppable!” She hopes all her team members can see she’s proof that, “Hard work pays off! You have to be dedicated, be consistent, and always be open for business!”


Eliana Vargas

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