When Geneveve Sykes first heard about It Works! it was from her best friend. She suggested Geneveve join the business after sharing her own results and how she was earning an extra $600 a month.

“I was skeptical, but I trusted her so much. I was seven months pregnant and at a job I really didn’t like and this company was changing her life; so I took her up on her opportunity and wrapped my husband, Sean.” Geneveve says, “I saw how well it worked for him and I thought ‘man this is a different product, you can’t buy this anywhere else.’”

That was October 2014 and one year later, Geneveve went Ambassador Diamond! She says the success is a family effort and she “could not have done this without my husband Sean!” Geneveve took on more of the “going out there and wrapping business,” while Sean took on the “Mr. Mom role and being supportive.” Sean even encourages other men in “their roles with their significant others” and motivates them in their It Works! business!

With Geneveve’s “incredible up-line” they paved the way in going Ambassador Diamond quickly. “I just needed to get there!” she says. She kept a “sense of urgency” and remained “consistent” even in slow months.

The Sykes family is doing things much differently now. Their success has given both Geneveve and Sean the ability to retire from their office jobs, pay off a huge amount of their student loans, and be with their family. “Our oldest has autism and is high functioning but he attends private school and before It Works! we couldn’t afford it. We are blessed with parents that would help pay for his schooling, but now it’s been so awesome to finally say we got it!” They have been given “peace of mind” and can now provide without worries.

Geneveve and Sean are looking forward to 2016 and have added new things to their Dream Board. “We want to expand our family, put a nice down payment on a house, and buy a new vehicle outright.” They are still “in shock” of all the things they are able to do now!

Geneveve and Sean Sykes

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