Want to complete your Steps to Success and Go Ruby? It’s not just about completing Step 2 in your first 30 days or going Ruby in 60. Ambassador Diamond Jaree Kneller knows it’s what you do in your first 72 hours that counts! That’s why she asks each new team member the same question: “Are you up for a challenge?”

“Their first task is to get their four Loyal Customers, and I tell them they have 72 hours to do it!” says Jaree. No, she isn’t rewriting the qualification period for Step 2, but she knows that for some people “when they hear 30 days, they’ll wait until day 25 and then start working. But if there’s a sense of urgency to get it done in three days, they’ll really start working.”

And it helps them get there that much faster! “What’s great is they’ll get at least two in that 72 hours, so they’ll get a Wrap Reward,” she says. It’s an immediate “sense of accomplishment.”

Jaree and Chad Kneller

“I let my newbies know that I’m there to support them 100% through their first 30 days, but especially in that first 72 hours,” she says.

And as One Team, they are there for each other. “Leaders start to step up in the Facebook feed to answer the questions for each other even before I get to them!” says Jaree.

“It’s important as leaders to constantly be challenging,” she says. “Make sure you’re speaking to every one of them so they can go for it!”

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