And when you catch the vision, “you get to work!” says Double Diamond Jessica Edison. She caught the It Works! vision in December 2014 and hasn’t looked back! “It’s month nine and I’m pushing for Triple Diamond this month!”

In making that push, Jessica has been building with her team and following the examples of her leaders.

“I do what my upline tells me to do!” she says with a laugh. That includes being “duplicate-able” and making “money-making moves”—moves that are intentional and that “hold each other accountable.”

For Jessica, an important tool she uses to build and motivate her team is monthly training. “We discuss road blocks that have stopped us from being successful, and we share what has been successful.”

Jessica Edison

A road block new team members often encounter is social media anxiety. “A lot of times people will freeze on what to post and so they don’t post at all,” she says. “So we have a Newbie to Ruby Facebook group where we share post ideas for new team members.” They’re also working as a team using the It Works! 100 Day Social Adventure videos, dividing up the days and sharing takeaways.

In building her team, Jessica has found a new “why” for her It Works! journey. “My family is by far my way,” she says. “But as I climb the ranks, my why is also my team. The opportunity is incredible and I say, ‘Oh my gosh! My team has to experience this!’”

Not worrying about expectations has made all that Jessica has experienced with It Works! that much sweeter. “I haven’t even been in a full year yet, and I told myself I’d give it all I got for a full year and expect nothing,” she says. “But along the way, if I snag a bonus or a Cruise I’m going to be super excited about it!”

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