You know following the Steps to Success is the way to build your business. But earning points towards the It Works! Cruise while you build your business? That’s like getting “extra stuff for doing your job!” says Presidential Diamond Jocelyn Yates.

“Just building my business by knowing how to do the Steps to Success, the cruise points have come with it!” she says. “It’s a win-win situation!”

So Jocelyn makes sure her new team members know it’s all about those Steps to Success. It starts with the “welcome emails and training videos that walk them through the Steps to Success.” She then works with new team members to “get them the Ruby Bonus because everybody needs an extra $500!”

Jocelyn Yates

And to complete those Steps to Success? Blitz. Wrap. Repeat! “My husband and I will wear our It Works! lanyard with a Blitz Card at the end and people will come up to us and ask what it is,” she says. “They’ll ask ‘do you work there?’ or ask if we’re here for a convention, and we’ll say ‘No, we’re actually on vacation…but we’re still making money!’”

When it comes to setting goals, she recommends small, daily goals that lead to the big ones, “like setting a goal to talk to 10 new people in a day because that ultimately is what will bring a new Distributor or Customer,” she says. “I talk to a lot of people, and a lot say no, but the more people I talk to, the more will say yes!”

Jocelyn knows it’s these little things that will lead to the big thing—joining the It Works! family aboard the first-ever It Works! Cruise!

“Being on that ship, you’re going to be with people who are just like you, people with the same mindset,” she says, looking forward not only to the celebration but the opportunity the Cruise will provide. “You can just run ideas by people and build your business that way!”

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