Ambassador Diamond Krista Pettengill and her husband Mike have been #CaughtInTheAdventure! 2016 is all about reaching your goals and when we saw Krista post a picture of her family’s house being built, we saw their goals and dreams coming true.

It all started when Krista saw a friend posting pictures and inviting her to Wrap Parties. Krista says, “I knew this was a hot product and a hot opportunity. Even with that knowledge, I never would’ve taken the initiative to contact her (the friend) and ask her about it.” Krista sent a “Yes!” message back. From there, Krista and Mike went to work – we were just getting by on my husband’s income and he had told me I would have to go back to teaching the following school year.”

“When I tried to go to sleep that night, I couldn’t! This Crazy Wrap Thing was all I could think about.” Krista started to pray and asked for a sign from God, “I woke up in the morning and the last thing I remember was falling asleep in the middle of praying. I knew this was what He wanted for us and our family. I signed up!”

Krista’s It Works! business took off and she was working toward that GOOD Bonus! Through trial and faith, Krista hit Double Diamond and her husband Mike was able to retire. Now, they are both able to be at home and watch their family grow.

The Pettengill’s life keeps growing! Krista is now an Ambassador Diamond, a Top 20 Earner, made the Millionaire’s Club, had her fourth child and got #CaughtInTheAdventure of building their dream home in Texas. Life is very different from how Krista and Mike pictured it. “We thought we would retire with the military, continue moving and uprooting our family for 12 more years, and working to pay for our homes which we were too busy to truly live in.” In just three years, all this has been possible for the Pettengill’s. “It’s truly amazing what some hard work, belief, and excitement can do!”

Krista and Mike Pettengill

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