In January 2015, Melissa Denslow was on maternity leave from her job as a NICU nurse and not looking forward to leaving her two small children as she returned to working nights at the hospital. Then, she saw the pictures from her friend, Black Diamond Kami Dempsey.

“I’ve known Kami for years and she had been talking to me (about It Works!) for about three years. She messaged me a couple of pictures from Conference, and it looked so cool!” Melissa says. “It was just hitting me that I’d be leaving another kid at home or at the daycare, so I thought ‘Why not?!’”

Through her It Works! business, Melissa has been able to ask (and answer!) that question time and time again—like, Why not do those fun things?

With her job as a nurse and her husband working as a contractor, Melissa’s family wasn’t “hurting for money, but we never really got to do the fun things,” she says. “Taking a family vacation was always a big thing for us, so we just paid cash for a 10-day, all-inclusive family vacation to St. Croix for this April!”

One of Melissa’s favorite parts about her It Works! business is having an expanded family to share in the fun things, like having a summer adventure on Mackinac Island this August. “My favorite thing about this company is the people!” she says. “It’s so cool to meet all these people I never would have met otherwise! We’re all just the best of friends!”

Melissa Denslow

Melissa sees sharing the fun of the business as a key to success! “It may seem unattainable when you start and you may be overwhelmed, but it’s really not a complicated system,” she says of the Steps to Success. “Once you get out there and people start seeing how much fun you’re having and what you’re doing, everything just falls into place!”

Having achieved Diamond, earning the Ruby and $10,000 GOOD Bonuses along the way, Melissa continues to focus on her “biggest driving factor:” being a better mom who “shows my kids what fun is.”

Melissa can’t wait to meet more of the It Works! family at Conference this February, the event that last year first inspired her to ask, “Why not?”

“I can’t wait to be in that room with 15,000 people!”

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