How do you build Rubies? Ambassador Diamonds Stefani and Joel Dunn help their new team members Go Ruby by “reaching out, encouraging,” and leading by example.

That starts with the Steps to Success. “The first thing we do is have them log into their eSuite,” say Stefani and Joel. “They don’t have to wait for the kit. Start with the It Works! U training.”

Believing that “having a visual, and writing it down makes it possible,” Stefani and Joel tell new team members to print these key pieces from their eSuite Document Library: the Steps to Success Flyer, a Ruby Charting Sheet, four Loyal Customer Order Forms, and three Distributor Application Forms. “That is that foundation to get them going,” says Stefani.

Stefani and Joel Dunn

In leading by example, Stefani’s daily goal is “I’m going to sign up three Distributors today!”—the same number of Distributors needed to Go Ruby!

And the best way to be “goal driven” to get those three new Distributors and four new Loyal Customers? “Follow up! I’m following up with people like crazy right now!” stays Stefani. “You never know when the moment will click for someone, so be a follow up master!” And do it with enthusiasm because “enthusiasm is everything,” adds Joel.

With their own brand of enthusiasm, Stefani and Joel are being a daily inspiration to their team and living out the action. “It’s not just talking,” says Joel. “That’s the great thing about this business. It rewards the doers, not the sayers!”

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