Skinny Wrap Party/Appointment–Explained

Host/Hostess Info

  • Provide location (home or other location that has a small private area for applying skinny wrap)
  • Provide the guests ($5 off for every person that wraps)
  • Provide water
  • Parties last from 45 to 60 minutes–we respect your time.

Participant Info

  • Wear comfortable clothing; disrobing not necessary
  • Bring phone or camera to take before and after photos
  • Bring $25 per wrap (cash or credit)
  • Bring a friend with you if you like

General Info & Resources

This short document provides you the details for what to expect with the use of the wrap.  Remember, everyone’s body is different and results are lasting for 2 to 6 months depending on lifestyle.

What to Expect at the Appointment

  • Arrive on time and come prepared to wrap
  • Sign-in and purchase your wraps for $25 each
  • Step into the wrap room for a few minutes
    • Take a before picture prior to application of wraps
  • Once wrapped, join the party!  A short, fun and informative presentation will be shared while you sip on water.
  • Return to the wrap room 45 minutes later for the unveiling.
    • Select your products of choice
    • Take an after picture
  • Celebrate your results

Here’s a video displaying an example of a skinny wrap appointment/party.


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