How a Healthy Colon Works

Don’t know if a colon cleansing program is right for you?  Read this excerpt from Digestion Health to get a better understanding:

ImageWhen deciding if a colon cleansing program is right for you, it is important to fully understand how a healthy colon works. Digestion Health breaks the explanation of digestion down into four easy steps.

  1. The food you eat and the water you drink leave the stomach, and mix with digestive enzymes.
  2. The food moves into the small intestine where it begins it process of decomposition.  Toxins are stored in the liver, the intestines and body fat. If toxic matter can’t be broken down by the small intestines or eliminated by the liver, it begins to accumulate. The more it accumulates, the more it affects your body’s ability to detoxify. Accumulated toxins in the liver can reduce this vital organ’s ability to secrete bile, bank vitamins, filter wastes, resist infections, remove bacteria, make cholesterol or store glucose. In fact, our livers perform over 500 life-supporting functions every day that impact every other organ and system in our bodies. It’s easy to understand how important a well-working liver is to our health.
  3. The material that’s left travels on through the large intestine, or colon, where water is absorbed and bowel movements are formed.  The enzymes in the small intestine break down food’s fats, proteins and carbohydrates into simple compounds for absorption. Some of these compounds (from proteins and carbohydrates) go to the liver, the body’s filter, before re-entering the bloodstream. Others from fats) are carried away by the lymphatic system, an important part of the body’s immune system, before passing into the general circulation.
  4. The remaining solid (or stool), which is not able to be used by the body is left in the bowel.  The rectum is empty until the stool is ready to be eliminated, and then it sends a message to your brain so that you have the urge to have a bowel movement.

We realize that this is a difficult subject and very uncomfortable at times to take action.  However, we want you to consider that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract.  It Works Global has a product to assist with a “soft colon cleansing;” Regular™.  Check out the details and ingredients for this all natural product.

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