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Shocking Fast Food Statistics & How You Can Begin To Eat Better

Repost from:   ALANNA KETLER | February 27, 2017 We all know that people are eating a lot of fast food, and in many cases a lot more than they should! In fact, some experts recommend no fast food at all, as it virtually isn’t going to do your body any favours – even if you are choosing the so-called “healthy” options

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🚕 Who’s Your Designated Driver? 🏁

🤔When thinking about the question, “Who’s Your Designated Driver?” most will assume that I’m asking about someone that goes out to party with you and is there to ensure your safety but doesn’t partake in all of the activities. However, the designated driver that I’m asking about is for your life. 🏌️‍♂️ Who’s in the driver seat and making decisions

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☀️ I Hope the Day Has a Good You! 🎙🚀

You’ve gotta check out this podcast ❣️❣️❣️ I Hope the Day Has a Good You! — is like bacon for your brain! At under five minutes an episode, start your day with a dose of inspiration and motivation and a dash of perspective. Hosted by creative entrepreneur John-Erik Moseler, takeaways will include success principles collected over the last 22+ years

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