It Works! Honored with “Bravo Momentum Award”

It Works Global is changing lives by assisting people with their health goals. To Be Healthy Today is an independent distributor of It Works Global products and we are excited about this accomplishment. We exist as an agent of change for health and wealth initiatives. It Works! was just honored with the prestigious “Bravo Momentum Award” for our outstanding growth this past year!
Message from CEO Mark Pentecost: “I am honored to represent It Works! Global as one of 25 speakers at the biggest industry event of the year! I am so glad that we get to help change people’s lives each and every day, and that the world is finding out who It Works! Global is!”

It Works! Global ranked number 56 out of the top 100 Direct Sales Companies in the WORLD for 2012! We can’t wait to see how far we’ll go this year! Now that is an #ItWorksBOOM

Photos and captions from It Works Global Facebook page.

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