Hate Mondays Like Everyone Else?

i-hate-mondays-funny_2Do you hate Mondays because you dread going to work? Are you a new mom who can’t bear to leave your little one? Is childcare too expensive? Or are you a “seasoned” employee who longs to retire early?
If you’ve ever thought about do network marketing but have been skeptical, check this out:

  • Is it a scam? No. It’s a legitimate business with a 15 year-old multi-million $ company. (And I don’t do scams.)
  • Why does it cost money to sign up? Because it’s a business, not a job. Businesses have overhead.
  • Are you trying to make money off of me? No, I’m trying to make money WITH you.
  • Is it one of those pyramid schemes? You mean where the people at the top make all the money and take long vacations, fly on private jets and get all the stock options while the people at the bottom work the most for the least amount of pay? No, that’s corporate America.
  • How long before I make money? You determine that. You can make money INSTANTLY or NEVER. Completely up to you.
  • I tried it before, but failed. Chalk it up to a learning experience. What could you do differently this time?
  • My friend says it won’t work out. Does you friend pay your bills? If not, why are you letting your friend determine how you make money?
  • Can I try it for a month and see how I do? Sure, but businesses take heart, soul and determination. You can’t focus on short term fast money. You have to visualize the bigger picture and how this will change your life financially. Big money comes from working hard and not giving up.

Have I answered your questions? Email me! 💚

–Stacey Tucker

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