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🏋 Working out is for all body types!

Check out this video interview with Megan Ownbey on ‘The importance of fitness even for those who don’t need to lose a lot of weight.’  At the time of recording, Megan had just received her certification for personal training.  This is a great interview of a journey for someone that believes in fitness for all body types.   #LunchBreakWorkOut #TuckerAdventure

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Product Testers Needed

Sign up FREE ($50 membership fee is waived) this month to become a product tester! Receive monthly shipments of your desired product at WHOLESALE COST! Only 3 months of testing and results! Call or text one of us at 423-715-7385 (Stacey) or 423-618-6870 (Nate) which one you are interested in! We are ready to see your Before & After pics! Body wraps

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You Should Be Concerned About What’s Not In Your Skin Care Products

Take a look at this article as the author highlights the shift towards what’s not in your skin care products.  This is major in my opinion as our skin is our largest organ.  Don’t take a risk any longer.  Read the ingredients.  I love our products because they are loaded with natural ingredients.  Checkout our product list and a respective

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